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Located in Philadelphia, WTS was founded in 1929 largely through the efforts of J. Gresham Machen. The first president of this seminary school was Edmund Clowney. This school has a close association with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church which was co-founded by Machen.

Dr. Machen who was a reputed professor of New Testament literature and exegesis at Princeton Theological Seminary chose to build this seminary institution to clarify the points discussed at the publication titled Westminster Standards. Dr. Machen founded WTS which promotes Prof. Geerhardus Vos’ science of Biblical Theology and also the Reformed theology discussed in the Westminster Standard article.

WTS’s approach was to combine the old views on Theology and other related fields with that of the new perspectives, to give its students a wider perspective of the seminary. Aside from those perspectives, former professors of this seminary school have contributed other insights on theology and ministry, as well. Former professor and school president, Ed Clowney developed the histori-redemtive approach in preaching.

Other developed and explored ideas were pre-suppositional apologetics (Van Til), Biblical counseling (Adams Bettler), contextual cross-cultural missions (Conn), and creation Ordinance ethics (Murray) to name a few.

In 1954, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools awarded its accreditation to WTS. While in 1986, the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada granted its accreditation to this school. The school currently offers programs in Master of Divinity, different courses in Master of Arts, Master of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Ministry degrees.

WTS has two campuses, one at the state of Philadelphia in the United States and the other is located in London, UK. Philadelphia campus houses the seminary’s administrative offices. Admissions, Alumni, Development, Registrar, Student Affairs, and the office of the president are also found in this campus. The London campus, on the other hand, is home of the Master of Theology with a concentration in Historical Theology course.

Aside from those two campuses, WTS has other campuses as well. The Westminster Seminary California used to be a branch of WTS. Nevertheless, in 1982 this school has been established as an independent institution. In 1999, Redeemer Theological Seminary, otherwise known as Westminster Texas Campus, was opened. However, in 2009 this school was granted autonomy from WTS.

In the fields of biblical studies, theology and those related to apologetics, WTS ranked as one of the top schools that offer quality education in these programs. The seminary’s basic belief in presenting the biblical truths has fascinated a number of students from within the United States and other foreign nations. This institution has currently over 700 graduate students and over 6,000 alumni. Westminster graduates have not just worked within the United States; they have spread to over 60 countries around the globe and are serving over 100 religious denominations.

For over 80 years, Westminster Theological Seminary has been around to serve those who wish to serve the children of God.


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