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Trusting God:

Have you ever had any doubts about the Goodness of God?

Have you ever thought that perhaps God is not really trying to help you, but to harm you?

Well, if you are like the most of us, you probably have, and more than just once.

The devil often uses circumstances that we do not understand to try and confuse us, and kill our faith in our God. By making us doubt His goodness, the devil separates us from God’s blessings.

However, we do not have to fall into the traps of the devil, and the easiest way to do that, is to trust God, wholly and completely.

And why not? After all, God is the most faithful in all of Heaven and Earth, and He Himself said that He will take care and look after you, His precious child. If we cannot even trust our own Heavenly Father, then who CAN we trust?

In this message, Pastor Joel Osteen touches on the topic of trust. Learn to stop questioning God, and instead, trust in His Goodness and Love for us.

Simply stay in His Presence, trusting God and standing steadfast in your faith in His Goodness, and watch as every situation turn out for YOUR Highest Good, and bring many-fold blessings in your life!


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