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Thank You For Downloading The Loaves And Fishes Toolbar!

To make the most of the toolbar and resources, please follow the simple steps below:

1) Sign Up for a free account to receive updates and interact with other users.

2) Invite Your Friends to join you in the sharing of the free Christian resources.

3) Share This Toolbar with others to help us bless more people with the resources provide. (You can also share this on Facebook and/or Twitter.)

And That's It!

You can now freely and easily access the resources on our site. Simply click on the various buttons on the toolbar to access the respective materials.

On top of that, you can also participate in the Loaves And Fishes Charity Movement and help to provide relief for people in hunger by clicking on the "Click-2-Give" button regularly.

Apart from the resources mentioned above, there also are many other functions available. These include web search, email notifications, and weather forcasts which can be accessed directly from the toolbar. You can even customise your toolbar by adding new components and features. To view the complete list of available components, please click on the gray cross at the extreme right of the toolbar or simply Click Here.

If you need additional help, please visit the Support Section. You can also Contact Us if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions.

We hope you'll benefit greatly from the resources provided, and pray that you'll be greatly blessed. If you enjoy using the toolbar, please help us to spread the word and bless more people by sharing it with your friends and family.


Loaves And Fishes Ministries


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