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Sermons On Faith:
Look To Jesus! The Author & Finisher Of Your Faith!

Sermons On Faith
Sermons On Faith - Look To Jesus Have you ever seen a child looking up to his father when he needs help?

It's so simple, so natural, and yet, such a beautiful picture of this seemingly esoteric substance we call 'Faith'.

Indeed, faith can be such a simple thing - looking to someone we trust.

Sometimes we focus so much on faith itself that we complicate matters and forget that it's not the size of our faith, but who we put our trust in that truly matters.

Isn't that why Jesus told us that even the tiniest amount of faith can move mountains (Luke 17:6)?

For at the end of the day, it's not the size of our faith, but the almighty power of the One we put our trust in that causes wonders and miracles to come to pass in our lives.

So what's your problem today?

Is it financial lack? Look to Jesus! For He is your good Shepherd, and He has promised to always provide for you (Psalm 23:1).

Are you battling with a sickness? Look to Jesus! For He willingly suffered strikes after torturous strikes so you can confidently declare, "By His stripes, I am Healed!" (1 Peter 2:24)

Or maybe you're worrying about your wayward children? Again, look to Jesus! For His Word says that if you'd believe in Him, He'll extend His salvation to both you and your household (Acts 16:31).

Whatever it is that you lack, whatever it is that you need, Jesus has already foresaw it and purchased it for you on the Cross.

Interestingly, when Peter got distracted by the boisterous winds and waves around him and began to sink (right after he miraculously walked on water from simply trusting Jesus' words), he did the exact same thing. In fact, not only did he turn his eyes to Jesus, he most likely screamed out frantically at the top of his voice, "Jesus! Save me!"

And what did Jesus do?

Did He give Peter hour-long sermons on faith while he's drowning in the turbulent waters? No! A thousand times no!

At his first cry for help, Jesus reached out and saved him!

In fact, Jesus never dissapointed anyone who looked to Him for help. Not the women with the issue of blood. Nor the lame man who was lowered through the roof. Not even the thousands of hungry people who had only five loaves and two fishes to share among themselves. Quite the contary, Jesus helped, healed and saved every single one of them.

The good news is, He's exactly the same today! Ever willing to reach into your life to perform wonders and miracles.

So whenever you face a seemingly insurmountable problem, look to Jesus instead of worrying and giving in to anxiety. Watch and see how the Salvation of the Lord will rescue you and place you in a even better place then before.

Look to Jesus! The Author and Finisher of your faith!

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Be Greatly Blessed!

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