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Westminster Theological Seminary

Westminster Theological Seminary offers courses in the fields of biblical studies, theology and apologetics. It is also ranked as one of the top schools that offer quality education in these programs.

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Union Theological Seminary

Union Theological Seminary is dubbed as one of the most prestigious divinity school in the United States. Founded in 1836, it is considered as one of the most liberal seminary schools during the time of its foundation.

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Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton Theological Seminary provides courses in biblical languages, exegesis, hermeneutics, systematic theology, church history, practical theology, and preaching. Come on in to find out more.

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Seminary Schools In Arizona

Seminary Schools In Arizona - Get the best Christian education in Arizona with these theology schools. Look through the list and find the ideal seminary for your career prospects.

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Seminary Schools In Alaska

Seminary Schools In Alaska - Looking for a fulfilling Christian education? These theological schools will help provide you with an all-rounded, Christ-focused learning environment.

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Seminary Schools In Alabama

Seminary Schools In Alabama - Find the best seminaries in Alabama to further your Christian studies and prepare for your career after graduation.

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Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary is also one of the first schools to introduce a four-year degree program in theology - Master of Theology. It is also famed for introducing Dispensationalism to theological teaching.

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Asbury Theological Seminary

Asbury Theological Seminary offers courses in Doctor of Ministry (Beeson Pastor; Beeson International Leaders; In-Ministry), Doctor of Philosophy (Biblical Studies; Evangelization Studies; Intercultural Studies), and Doctor of Missiology programs.

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When God Ran

He ran. Like I’ve never seen Him run before. And when I’m finally in His loving arms. He whispered softly...

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A Beautiful Testimony

Let this beautiful testimony remind us once again how God can reach out to us even when we’re at our most downtrodden moments.

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Daily Inspiration - Free Christian Inspirational Videos, Images And Articles

Be inspired daily with these free resources. Find out how much God really loves you and wishes to bless your life.

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Jesus Christ - The King Of Kings

Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He was hated by men, so we can be loved by God. He was made mortal, so we can be children of God.

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Sermons By Tim Keller

Sermons By Tim Keller strives to offer the importance of a personal relationship with God. His messages focus on the belief that the Bible is the unequivocal and complete truth.

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Sermons By Joseph Prince

These Sermons by Pastor Joseph Prince focus on the superabundant Grace of God and the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. See how God loves you deeply, and wishes to bless you abundantly.

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Free Bible Study Guides

These Free Bible Study Guides will help you to better understand the Word of God and the work that Jesus has done for you on the Cross. Spend some quiet time with God and let the Wisdom of His Words touch and change your life.

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Sermons By Rick Warren

Sermons by Rick Warren focus on both personal growth, as well as Church leadership. These messages were recorded in Saddleback Church and help believers in Christ to live a truly Purpose Driven Life.

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Sermons By Paul Washer

Sermons By Paul Washer centers on Jesus Christ as the only true source of Salvation. His ministry, HeartCry Missionary Society, focuses on spreading God's Name throughout the nations and the preaching of true repentance.

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Prayer Of Petition – The Prayer That Changes Things

What is a Prayer Of Petition? Basically, it is the kind of prayer that changes things in your life. It is one of the most effective ways to pray and turn seemingly impossible situations around.

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Sermons By David Jeremiah

Sermons By David Jeremiah aim to deliver the unchanging word of God to the everchanging world. Watch and listen as Pastor David preaches in Shadow Mountain Community Church as well as the Turning Point broadcasts.

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Sermons By Kenneth Hagin

Sermons by Kenneth Hagin has always been a source of faith and assurance for his listeners. These messages will help to build up your faith as you allow the annointed words to bless you abundantly.

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Sermons By Creflo Dollar

Sermons By Creflo Dollar often talk about how God desires to prosper us in all areas of our lives. These messages help believers to understand true biblical prosperity and how to live in it daily.

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Free Audio Sermons – Audio Teachings for Blessings and Miracles

These audio sermons are ideal for those who are more auditory in nature, and prefer to listen to the Word of God. Take some time, and allow them to fill you with a new sense of God’s love and grace.

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Free Video Sermons - Video Teachings for an Abundant Life

Video Sermons are perfect for those who like to watch on as biblical truths are expounded. They also allow you to completely soak in the anointing present during some of these faith-building sermons.

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Free Sermons and Daily Devotions at Loaves and Fishes Ministries

Free Sermons and Daily Devotionals to help you grow closer to God. Receive fresh revelations of our beautiful Lord Jesus Christ as you enjoy these anointed messages at Loaves and Fishes Ministries.

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Sermons By Joyce Meyer

These Sermons by Joyce Meyer aims to help you achieve victory and freedom by applying the Word of God in your life. Each of these sermons is designed to bring you closer to Jesus.

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Sermons On Faith - Look To Jesus! The Author And Finisher Of Your Faith!

Sermons On Faith - Do you believe that Jesus is your all-sufficiency? Look to Jesus and trust in His perfect sacrifice and you'll surely see the extraordinary goodnes of God come to pass in your life!

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Christian Downloads - Free Christian Resources To Bless Your Life

Access Free Christian downloads, sermons, devotionals and other resources available in the Loaves And Fishes website.

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Free Sermons and Christian Teachings for Deeper Understanding

The Free Sermons provided within contain Christian Teachings on various topics, each aimed at bringing you a deeper understand of the great love of God for you, to help bless and improve your life in everyway.

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Sermons By TD Jakes

The Sermons by TD Jakes inclucded in this section focus on the uncompromising goodness of God. Let Bishop Jakes unveil to you how much God wants to bless you and those around you.

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Sermons By Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen is the Pastor of the fastest growing church in America today. His sermons are both inspiring and encouraging Christians to believe and achieve the very best that God has for them.

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Sermons By Jentezen Franklin

Sermons By Jentezen Franklin stem from his deep believe in the Power of God's Spirit. Based on Pentecostal faith, these teachings help listeners grow closer to God and receive His many Blessings.

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Mars Hill Church Sermons

Mars Hill Church Sermons are presented by Pastors Mark Driscoll, Lief Moi and Mike Gunn. Be engulfed in the Gospel of grace as you listen in and find out how much God truly loves you.

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Sermons By John Hagee

Sermons by John Hagee are based in the Pentecostal faith with a belief that the Bible is the one and only authority for religious belief. Let these messages bless you greatly!

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Sermons On Peace - Jesus Christ, The Prince Of Peace

Sermons On Peace - Jesus desires to give you His shalom peace and bring wholeness to every area of your life. See how the perfect sacrifice of Christ will bring total wellness to you and your family.

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Sermons By Tony Evans

Sermons By Tony Evans teaches that God desires to establish His Kingdom and reign over every facet of our lives. Listen in and let God bless you in every area of your life!

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Sermons By Mark Driscoll

Sermons by Mark Driscoll talk about the all-encompassing power of the Sacrifice of Jesus and how He came to save all of humanity. Listen in to these messages and be blessed!

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Sermons By John MacArthur

Sermons by John MacArthur make use of Biblical principles to bring peace to the mind and spirit. His messages are shared daily on his radio program titled, Grace To You.

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Sermons By David Wilkerson

Sermons by David Wilkerson focus on a non-denominational Christian viewpoint. His messages also helped many youths recover from and completely break free of drug addictions.

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Sermons By Adrian Rogers

Sermons By Adrian Rogers teach on the importance of building a God-centric family. His messages are broadcasted around the world through his Love Worth Finding radio program.

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Sermons By Matt Chandler

Sermons By Matt Chandler focus on non-denominational beliefs in the mercy and grace of God. Listen on and see how the Holy Trinity - One God in Three Persons, is waiting to bless your life.

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Sermons By Billy Graham

Sermons by Billy Graham helped bring millions across the world to Christ. His crusades expound on our need for a Savior - Jesus. Let these messages remind you again of the wonderful grace of God.

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Sermons By Ravi Zacharias

Sermons by Ravi Zacharias help listeners establish a firm foundation on their faith. Through Christian apologetics, these messages hope to create a strong reasoning for Christianity.

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Sermons For Kids - Christian Teachings For Children

Sermons for kids allow children to get closer to Jesus through simple teachings that make the deep truths of God fun and easy to understand.

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Books By Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen Books offer readings that inspire and motivate you to become the very best and live according to the wonderful plan God has put in place for you.

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Sermons By James Mooney

Sermons By James Mooney aims to reach the lost world with the love and grace of Jesus through messages of hope and healing.

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Sermons4Kids - Biblical Teachings For Children

Sermons4kids is a website with sermons written specially to allow children to understand the truths of the Bible in simple and interesting ways.

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KJV Dramatized Audio Bible

Download the KJV Dramatized Audio Bible for FREE by signing up for a Free trial account.

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Sermons By Charles Spurgeon

Sermons by Charles Spurgeon, also known as the prince of preachers, have touched millions of lives. With many of his works still in circulation today, his words continue to bring many to Christ.

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Sermons By EW Kenyon

Sermons by EW Kenyon collected in this section are adapted from many of his faith-filled books. Focusing on the finished work at Calvary, they help believers to live fulfilling and blessed lives.

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