Seminary Schools In Alabama

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Seminary Schools In Alabama
A List Of Christian Seminary Programs In Alabama

Seminary School Programs

Concordia College
1804 Green St, Selma AL 36703
Phone: (205) 874-5700

This is a college of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and it focuses on nurturing a student body that is diverse in education centered on Christ and liberal arts, and provides value. The experience you gain at Concordia will provide many opportunities that will help start your life after college.

International Bible College
PO Box IBC, Florence AL 35630-0905
Phone: (205) 766-6610 Web:

International Bible College is a ministry of The International Baptist Church. This ministry was founded back in 1976 in Brooklyn. Graduates from this school serve in ministries in foreign countries and also in various parts of the United States. Besides academics, students here are involved in various activities including chapel, church, athletics, etc.

Judson College
302 Bibb Street, Marion, Alabama 36756
Phone: (334) 683- 5100 / Web:

Founded back in 1838, Judson College is the fifth oldest women’s college. Its main purpose has been to educate young women in an environment that revolves around Christianity. The college has an interesting heritage and has been named after Anne Hasseltine Judson – who was the first woman to be a foreign missionary.

Bethany Bible College and Theological Seminary
PO Box 1944, Dothan AL 36302
Phone: (205) 793-3189

Oakwood College
Huntsville AL 35896-0001

Southeastern Bible College
3001 Highway 280 East, Birmingham, AL 35243-4181
Phone: (205) 970-9200 / Web:


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