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New Seasons Of Increase:
By Pastor Joel Osteen

We are entering into new seasons, seasons where there is abundant increase in the favor and blessings of God.

God is opening up new doors, bringing you new opportunities, and giving you blessings in new ways, all because He wants to constantly bring you to new heights.

Even though you might not see it now, but that’s because we are only seeing in the natural. However, the God we serve is a supernatural God. He works in ways that we cannot even fathom. That means that no matter what our natural situation looks like, God is working behind the scenes turn it to your advantage in order to increase and prosper you.

Therefore, it is important to walk by our faith, and not by our sight. We have to learn to agree with God instead of agreeing with our natural thinking. If God says we are going to prosper, who are we to disagree with Him?

Listen to this free sermon as Pastor Joel Osteen talks about how we can work in agreement with God to allow Him to bring about this new seasons of increase, where there is an increase in the abundance of health, success and victory.


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