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Having The Right Self Image:

God made you to be a success in every way. You were meant to be prosperous in all you do, and live an abundant life. However, the way some people think differs greatly from what the Bible says and what God thinks of them. There are people, who constantly beat themselves up mentally, telling themselves that they got the bad lot, and that it’s impossible for them to succeed.

But that cannot be further from the truth.

God says that you are a victor. Even before you were born God had decided that you would be a success, that you would be special. In fact, God thinks so highly of you that even if you were the only person in the world, He would still have sent Jesus to save you.

Therefore, never think lowly of yourself; you are the masterpiece of God. When you beat yourself up and say that you are unworthy, you are actually criticizing God, and claiming that He fouled up, and created a defective person. That is simply NOT true. You are what God says you are; a complete and total success in every single way.

In this message, Pastor Joel Osteen speaks about how having the correct self image can make all the difference between a life of defeat, and a constantly victorious one. Learn to say what God says about you, and live the abundant life that God created you to live.


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"Having The Right Self Image"
By: Pastor Joel Osteen

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