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Sermons By Rick Warren :
Pastor: Saddleback Church, The Peace Plan
Author: The Purpose Driven Life, Better Together

Rick Warren
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Books By Pastor Warren:

Better Together Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods God's Answers To Life's Difficult Questions

A best-selling author, Pastor Warren has inspired countless people with his book, "The Purpose Driven Life". Being translated to over 50 different languages, Rick's books have always being known to relate deep theological truths in simple and understanable ways.

With his latest book selling more that 25 millions copies worldwide, his words have touched many lives and motivated them to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling Christian life.

Apart from being an author, Pastor Rick also founded the Saddleback Church back in 1980. With only one family attending when it first started out, the church has since grown to house more than 20,000 attendees every week. Their outreach programmes touch many different groups of people including CEOs, prisoners, single-parents, HIV/AIDS patients, and homeless people.

In addition, Rick and his wife Kay warren are also well-known for their philantrophy. Donating 90 percent of their income every month, their efforts help people and churches in need in developing countries.

In the sermons collected below, Pastor Rick Warren focus on aspects of church growth as well as personal development. Take some time to listen to them and find out how God can greatly move in your life and bring abundant blessings to you and your church.


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