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Sermons By Ravi Zacharias:
Pastor: RZIM, Let My People Think
Author: Grand Weaver, Beyond Opinion, The End Of Reason

RZIM is a ministry that focuses on evangelising the wonderful Gospel of Jesus, while at the same time defending the Christian faith through well-reasoned apologetics.

Through programs like "Let My People Think" and "A Slice Of Infinity", RZIM provides free sermons that help establish listeners' foundation of faith so that they can have a firm grasp on the truth of the Gospel.

Ravi Zacharias' messages often answer the questions that his listeners have about Christianity. By providing coherent information, these sermons show that faith in Christ is not only built on trust, but on reason as well.

One of the most unique and popular parts of Ravi's ministry is the question and answer sessions. By attending to genuine questions that people have towards Christianity, Zacharias dispels the myths surrounding the Gospel, showing the resonable truth of who Jesus really is.

With works like "Jesus Among Other Gods" and "Can Man Live Without God", Ravi aims to show the uniqueness of Jesus, as well as the significant and essential role of Christ in our lives.

The sermons by Ravi Zacharias collected below aim to deliver the same enlightening effect. They seek to answer the difficult questions about Christianity that you may have held in your heart, but have yet to find the answers to.

By resolving these questions, we hope you'll have a stronger sense of understanding about Jesus and how He relates to your life.

Listen to them with an open mind and let these sermons renew your faith in the wonderful truths of the Gospel of Christ.


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