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Programmed For Victory:

In this sermon, Pastor Joel Osteen speaks on how we were all pre-programmed to be victorious even before we were born. When God created us, He also imparted His traits in us, traits that are geared for success, abundance, and victory.

Therefore, no matter what comes up in our lives, we can rest assured that God already has put in us the strength and ability to turn it around for good, such that we can be greatly blessed.

Even from the very beginning, God had intended that we “be blessed and greatly multiply”. Everyday of our lives are meant to be fulfilled and victorious.

Another important point to note is that our Victory is not simply given to us. Instead, our Victory is in fact, the very person of our Lord Jesus Christ. He Himself is our Victory, our unshakable banner. Because of whom He is and what He has done, the only obstacle to a completely victorious life has already been removed.

Therefore, we are no longer striving for victory, but living from victory.

So go on, take some time to watch this sermon, and see how this all applies in YOUR life, and how you are truly Programmed For Victory!


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”Programmed For Victory”
By: Pastor Joel Osteen

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