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Nearing The 200th Mark


Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS)
64 Mercer St.
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The need to extend the theological curriculum beyond the scope of the liberal arts courses paved the way for the establishment of PTS. In 1812, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church with the support of the director of Princeton University (then the College of New Jersey), founded this school. Since its establishment, the seminary has remained as an institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexander, the first professor of PTS, also served as the first person to govern the seminary. Dr. Alexander was followed by 3 other individuals, in the government of the seminary, before the establishment of the office of the President in 1902. Since the creation of the said office, the institution already saw 5 presidents, excluding the current one.

Because this institution was among the first seminary schools in America, this school became a center for various movements and debates. One of the most popular issues that were widely popular in PTS was the Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy. In the 1920’s due to this controversy, J. Gresham Machen, a professor of Princeton Theological Seminary, decided to break from the seminary and founded another theological seminary, the Westminster Theological Seminary.

Since its establishment, PTS has become a venue for various lectures including the Annual Kuyper Conference, and the Annual Conference on Karl Barth. The seminary also houses Center for Barth Studies, which promotes the study of Karl Barth’s theology.

PTS offers the following graduate programs to interested individuals: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Arts (Theological Studies), and Master of Theology. The institution also offers Doctor of Philosophy and Dual Masters in Divinity/Masters of Arts in Christian Education or Youth Ministry. Princeton Theological Seminary also offers special programs like the institute for Youth Ministry, Program for Asian and American Theology and Ministry, Hispanic Theological Initiative.

PTS developed in 1995 the Institute for Youth Ministry. This is to address the growing issues with the church and the youth. The Program for Asian and American Theology and Ministry is also developed to support the pastors and ministers, as well as students that belong to the different Asian and Asian American churches.

The growing consciousness of the multicultural diversity of the world compelled PTS to open an office that addresses this issue. This office is the Office of Multicultural Relations. This new office focuses on the different issues faced by international and racial/ethnic students. The office also addresses the issue on cultural diversity. The office resolves these issues by promoting multi and cross-cultural activities.

Students enrolled in PTS take up courses in biblical languages, exegesis, hermeneutics, systematic theology, church history, practical theology, and preaching as part of their basic courses.

The establishment Princeton Theological Seminary saw only 3 students and only one professor. Today, however, the numbers have grown from 3 to over 700 students and over 50 faculty members. This shows how the seminary has grown for almost a 200-year existence. The number is still growing; do you want to be a part of the number?


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