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Sermons By Paul Washer :
Pastor: HeartCry Missonary Society, First Baptist Church
Author: One True God, Truth About Man

Paul Washer
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Paul Washer Sermons: Heeding God's Call

Paul Washer is the Founder, Director, and Missions Coordinator of HeartCry Missionary Society. He is also a preacher of the Southern Baptist. He served as a missionary in Peru for 10 years. From that experience he founded the HeartCry Missionary Society.

He was on his way to become a lawyer at the University of Texas when he felt God's call to preach. After graduating from the university he chose to answer the call and took up Master of Divinity at the Southwestern Theological Seminary. After finishing his M.Div. degree, he decided to move to Peru and spent 10 years of his life there.

He went to Peru as a missionary; there he saw God's purpose for calling him. After his 10-year stay in that part of Latin America, Washer established the HeartCry Missionary Society. His aim at its foundation was to establish an organization that would address the need for local missionary work.

Paul built the HeartCry Missionary Society with the following goals in mind: the advancement of the Glory of God, the Benefit of Man, the Establishment of Biblical Churches, and the Demonstration of God's Faithfulness. The first goal of the organization was to spread God's words through spreading his name among those who do not know him. The second goal was to save what the organization referred to as “a lost and dying humanity.” Goal number three was to establish local churches within the newly-converted community so that they will not find any difficulty listening to the Lord's good news. The last goal was to show to the world that God does not abandon those who faithfully serve and follow him.

To achieve those goals, the society offers theological trainings to the missionaries and held Bible conferences for them. They also distribute Bibles to the local missionaries and they are also trying to fulfill the last goal, to build churches. In all these things, Washer was the person that moved these things to motion. He has been working hard on it for years already and today, the organization not only supports the Peruvian missions; it also supports over 100 missions in over 20 countries around the world.

Once he got back to America, he settled with his wife Charo and their 3 children while he was managing the society. He balances his life between being a father, husband, director, and pastor for the First Baptist Church in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He is currently looking towards instituting a church around Morgantown area.

As a pastor, his sermons usually centers on the Christ and personal salvation. His sermons also give emphasis on God's supremacy. In what was dubbed as his greatest sermon yet “Man's Two Problems The Condemnation & Power of Sin (God's Solution: Justification & Regeneration),” Pastor Paul discussed how God worked through us to make us realize how lost we are and to aid us in finding the right path once again. This sermon shows us how Washer consistently advocates his belief in the supremacy of God.

Aside from giving sermons Washer is also the Author of two books: The One True Good (2004) and Truth About Man (2009). To know more about his teachings, please feel free to watch or listen to the Paul Washer sermons available on this page. Be Greatly Blessed.


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