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No More Judgment:

Romans 8:33

33Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.

There seems to be many people, who still see God as a merciless Judge, eager to find our next mistake, in order to lash out His punishments.

Whenever something wrong happens in their lives, they think that God is punishing them for something that they did wrong.

Yet, this cannot be further from the truth.

Of course there are those who argue that God is Holy, and every sin and mistake must be punished. However, it is exactly because God is Holy, and perfectly just, that we can be assured of our redemption.

You see, when Jesus hung on the Cross, all of our sins has already been paid for. Therefore, God’s Holiness and perfect Judgment literally mean that we cannot ever be Judge for our sins again; it would be double jeopardy. Hence, God’s Holiness is actually FOR us, and not AGAINST us!

My friend, the only one who has the right to judge and condemn you has already, instead died for your sake, rose from the dead, and sat at your Father’s right hand, in order to become your Righteousness! (Romans 8:34)

So who is the one that is still condemning you? Why the devil of course. It is the devil who constantly tries to separate you from God by causing you to become sin-conscious instead of Christ-conscious. By shifting your focus from Jesus’ finished work to your sins, the devil causes you to nullify Jesus’ sacrifice for you. He tries to have you blame God for everything that goes wrong in your life, when the truth is that God NEVER causes anything bad to happen in your life; He is a God of blessing, not cursing, and His Word says that there is No More Judgment.

Ever since Jesus died for you on the Cross, there is no more judgment. No matter what wrong doings you have done in the past, it has all been paid for. Therefore, you should not accept any condemnation or evil happenings in your life, as Jesus has already paid the price to redeem you from them.

Hence, from now on, whenever you feel condemned, or experience some negative circumstances, say, “It is written: It is God who justifies me. I am completely forgiven and made righteous before Him. I refuse to accept any condemnation and reject any symptom of the curse that I am seeing in my circumstances”.

After that, simply stand on the truths of God, know that there is truly no more judgment, and see as He delivers and blesses you, beyond anything that you have thought possible.


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