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Mind Of Christ:

Is your mind getting forgetful?

Perhaps you think your mental capabilities are deteriorating?

Or are temptations and distractions creeping into your head?

Well, then this is a message you need to know.

God’s Word says that you have the Mind of Christ!

Yes, that’s right! You have a renewed mind, and your new mind is Christ’s Mind!

What then, do you think Christ’s Mind is like? Would it be old, slow, and forgetful? Would it be prone to temptations and distractions such that wrong decisions are made? Well, of course not!

The Mind of Christ is nothing like that at all!

Quite the contrary, the Mind of Jesus is always calm, collected, sharp, and focused. He always has the right answers. He could see through the true motives of others. He never forgot anything, and most of all, He never makes any wrong choices.

Therefore, since we have the same mind as Christ, doesn’t it stand to reason that our mind should have the same characteristics as His?

The Case of a Renewed Mind

A true case of a person having a renewed mind is the late Reverend Kenneth E Hagin. Even in his eighties, he would preach with such zest that he constantly ran around the platform. On top of that, he could also recall such specific details as the day of the week a specific date fell on, and even the exact time a certain event happened. Many present at his sermons were surprised by the amazing memory of this ‘elderly’ man.

However, it wasn’t always this case. He himself spoke of a time when he was in his fifties, when he had yet to have the revelation that we all have the Mind of Christ. During this time, he happened to chance across a medical journal that wrote about how millions of cells in our brains die everyday, causing problems such as slowing of thinking and forgetfulness. Even though he didn’t realize it then, he has allowed the words of the journal to creep into his mind and spirit. Shortly after that, he started to notice that his memory was fading, and that he started to forget things.

It was then that he began to seek the Lord about the situation. God then revealed to him that he had allowed the words of the journal to affect him, and asked him to confess His Word instead. God’s Word says that we have the mind of Christ, and that’s that, His Word is final. No matter what others say or write about, it does not affect the fact of what God has promised us. At that instant, Reverend Hagin repented and started to confess that he had the mind of Christ. Ever since then, his memory has always remained superb, and his new mind continued to stay sharp.

ALL believers have the renewed mind of Christ

That’s right, this is not just a special situation available only to a few 'gifted' people. God’s Word says that all believers have this new mind. And that includes YOU.

Therefore, the next time you forget something, or happen to be in a situation that does not reflect the characteristics of Christ’s Mind, remember what God has told us in His Word:

We have the Mind of Christ!


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