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Sermons By Max Lucado :
Pastor: UpWords
Books: Just Like Jesus, In The Grip Of Grace

Words, both written and spoken, are Max's favorite tools of communication to both inspire and change the lives of his audience. In 25 years, his memorable and hope-filled words have reached millions through the 65 million books sold. Not only did he win three separate "Christian Book Of The Year" awards, Lucado was also dubbed "America's Best Preacher" and "America's Pastor" by the Reader's Digest and Christianity Today magazines respectively.

More important than the awards and accolades however, is the power of his words to influence others to renew their passion for the Lord. Through his works, Max gently but surely leads his audience towards a closer relationship with our God and Savior. In fact, the product line for 3:16, The Numbers Of Hope, is the fastest selling product in his career, and helped millions of people worldwide to remember one of the most important verses of the Bible. This one simple verse not only reminds us of God's will to redeem us, but also allows us to experience His deep and everlasting love for us.

Through the short sermons collected below, we hope that you too will be led into the presence of the Lord and allow His anointing to flow freely in your life. May these devotions by Max Lucado set your mind and heart constantly on our Lord Jesus Christ.


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