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Sermons By Mark Driscoll :
Pastor: Mars Hill Church, The Resurgence
Author: What Christians Should Believe, Timeless Truths & Timely Methods

Although Mark Driscoll was born in North Dakota, he was raised in the Seatic, Washington area. This community just south of Seattle is the same area where Pastor Mark continues his ministry. Active throughout his teenage years, Pastor Mark was the editor for his school newspaper and the student body president. He then attended the Washington State University where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. He continued his studies by attaining a Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology from the Western Seminary in Washington.

Pastor Mark is the co-founder of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. In addition to working as Pastor, he is actively involved in numerous ministries, including the Resurgence. This movement works in cooperation other ministries, such as the Acts 29 Network, the Gospel Coalition, and the Hub.

In addition, Pastor Mark is a contributing writer for the Seattle Times, providing for the Faith and Values section with a regular column. He also appeared on a Nightline Special Edition aired on the ABC network where he took part in an engaging theological debate.

Pastor Mark preaches a ministry which focuses on the all-encompassing power of Jesus' sacrifice. Mark Driscoll sermons teach that Jesus died for all humans, not just a select few. All who are willing can freely come to Him and be saved. Pastor Mark also makes use of the preachings of such believers as Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther and John Bunyan to help bring accross his point and lead his listeners to a triumphant Christian life.

So go on, listen in to Pastor Mark's sermons below and Be Greatly Blessed!


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