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Sermons By Keith Moore
Pastor: Faith Life Church, Moore Life Ministries
Author: Graces And Places, Thanksgiving Victory

True Christianity is not a formal and powerless thing that many have come to know. Instead, a real, living relationship with our Lord Jesus will destroy every bondage in our lives, and allow us to live a truly victorious and abundant life, true the Power and Love of our Father God.

The Presence of Christ helps to remove every burden, and aids in the fulfillment of every good desire in our lives. Come to know God as He really is through Pastor Keith’s simple, yet revelation-packed Sermons.

Pastor Keith and his wife Phyllis Moore travels extensively around the U.S. and abroad, and ministers strongly on subjects such as love, faith, prosperity, healing, honor, and glory.

Their sermons have brought about many experiences of healing and deliverance, which changed and improved many people’s lives through their anointed ministry.

Two of the greatest emphases of the Sermons by Pastor Keith Moore are the importance of the written word, as well as the necessity of being led by the Spirit. Let them fill your heart with Faith and Love, as you realize that there truly is no life more exciting than the Victorious Life that is true Christianity!


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  • The Greatest Love
  • Graces And Places - Pt. 07
  • Fruitfulness - Pt. 03
  • The Lord Will Help You
  • Fruitfulness - Pt. 02
  • Trust And Serve
  • Fruitfulness - Pt. 01

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