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Sermons By Joseph Prince :
Senior Pastor: New Creation Church
Author: Destined To Reign, Unmerited Favor

Joseph Prince
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Joseph Prince - Unmerited Favor Joseph Prince - Destined To Reign Daily Devotionals Joseph Prince - Destined To Reign

The sermons by Pastor Joseph Prince have their foundation in the Good News that is the Gospel. They are based on New Covenant truths, and aim to break you free from the bondage of sin.

Pastor Prince often uses humorous illustrations to make a deep truth of God plain and simple, so that everyone can understand.

An anointed speaker, Pastor Prince touches many of his listeners’ hearts, and brings them fresh revelations of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this section, you will be able to find sermons by Joseph Prince which touches on various issues, including Grace, Sin, Holiness, Blessings, Healing, Salvation, and many others.

You can choose to either watch the Video Sermons, or listen to the Audio Sermons.

Either way, we hope they will help you find out how you are “Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored, and Deeply Loved”.

Also See: Destined To Reign

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Videos | Audios | Devotionals | Downloads | More...

Archived Sermons: (Download Sermon MP3s)

Cheap Grace
Cheap Grace: Is it really cheap? Listen on as Pastor Prince explains how our salvation comes as a free gift, but the cost of it is far from cheap; it cost God His most beloved Son.

The Love Story Of Ruth
The love story of Ruth is a beautiful depiction of how much Jesus loves you. Listen as Pastor Prince explains how this short, yet meaningful story applies to you.

The Benefits Of Tithing
What are the benefits of tithing? What does tithing really mean? Listen on as Pastor Joseph Prince explains the true meaning of tithing, and how it is a way for God to bless you greatly.

Nuggets Of Gold In The Feeding Of Five Thousand
There are Nuggets of Gold in the story of the Feeding of Five Thousand. Watch as Pastor Prince explains how this miracle story can apply in Your life and bless You abundantly.

Blessings In Jesus
This message by Pastor Prince provides fresh revelation on the person of Jesus, and how He Himself is our Health, Success, and Salvation. A must-see for all believers.

Hillsong Conference
In this Hillsong Conference, Pastor Prince talks about the true Gospel of Grace, and how we are both saved and blessed because of who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

Your Father God Loves You
Your Father God loves you, no matter what mistakes you have made or how many times you have failed. Let Pastor Prince show you just how much your Father in Heaven really loves you.

Christian Prayers
Christian Prayers are not only an essential part of Christian Life, it is a means through which God gives us the desires of our hearts. Nothing is too big or too small for God to help us with through the power of prayer.

Superabundant Grace
The Superabundant Grace of God is present in every situation, whether it looks hopeful, or bleak. The question is, whether we will open our eyes of faith, and receive the unmerited favor that God has already given us.

Resting In Jesus
This audio sermon by Joseph Prince talks about the importance of Resting In Jesus. Many a times, we are rushing around, trying to do something for the Lord. Yet at times, the one thing He wants us to do, is simply to rest in Him.

The Spirit Of Wisdom
God gave us the Spirit of Wisdom to guide and lead us in all our ways. We should live according to God’s wisdom instead of relying on our human intelligence.

*Podcasts by Joseph Prince are also available at GospelDelights.Com

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