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Sermons By John Piper :
Pastor: Desiring God Ministries, Bethlehem Baptist Church
Author: Desiring God, A Hunger For God, Life As A Vapor

"God is most glorified in me when I'm most satisfied in Him."
This simple yet profound statement is the central theme of Pastor John's ministry.

As the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, he constantly strives to inspire a desire for God thattruly pleases His heart. Piper's passion has always been to glorify God in all that he do, and thiswas what motivated him to start pastoring after he received a clear calling from God.

From the titles of his books and ministry, it is not difficult to spot the God-centered focus of Piper's work.This strong emphasis on glorifying God stems from an understanding that God exists to glorify Himself, and make Himself known for the enjoyment of His people. This is wonderful news because it means that our joy and satisfaction in the Lord is not separate from His will. In fact, it forms an integral part of our faith and our worship of God. John carries on to declarethat the ultimate purpose of each and every one of us is to know God and delight in Him, thereby displaying God for the wholeworld to see.

Grounded in the firm foundation to please God and delight Him, John Piper's sermons aims to touch the heart of thelisteners and bring them to a deeper appreciation of our God. Week after week, Pastor Piper uses his definitivepreaching to instil a greater love for God and help refocus our lives with God at the center.

The sermons by John Piper collected below are no different, with a clear focus on pleasing God with our satisfaction in Him, thesesermons continuously expounds on the supremacy and centrality of God in our lives. Feel free to take some time andlisten to them. Allow them to speak to your heart and inspire a fresh desire for the One that truly matters.


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