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Sermons By John Hamel

The sermons of Pastor John Hamel focus on keeping the Word of God always on your heart, so that they may produce fruits of success in your life. These sermons not only show you how to live victoriously, but also teach you how to help others achieve the same.

A distinct characteristic of Pastor Hamel’s sermons is the boldness in declaring the Supernatural Nature of God, and how He is constantly moving miraculously in our lives.

Pastor Hamel’s life itself is a great testimony to the miracle-working power of God. He has witnessed blind eyes receive sight, lame men walk, and has even seen the dead raised by the Spirit of God under his ministry. All of which are examples of the Power of God in action.

Many people think that the miracles of Jesus are no longer for the present day. What they do not understand is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That means He is still the same Jesus that healed the sick, raised the dead, helped the poor, freed the oppressed, and most importantly, saved all sinners.

The presence and power of Jesus is still working in us, around us, and through us today. The question is whether we will work with Him through our faith, or work against Him through our unbelief.

Let these sermons by Pastor John saturate your heart, and fill you with the Faith, Power, and Love of God to such an extent, that even the overflow will abundantly bless everyone around you.


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  • Two Kinds of Faith
  • Faith, You Already Have It
  • You Can Increase Your Faith
  • How to Believe with Your Heart
  • Believing Alone Isn't Enough
  • Jesus, Reigning in His Name
  • Jesus, The Great I AM

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