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Sermons By Joel Osteen:
Pastor: Lakewood Church
Author: Become A Better You, Your Best Life Now

Joel Osteen
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When God created us, He blessed us with a great Blessing, and wanted us to live a successful and victorious life. Yet, many people are still living below what God had originally intended.

These sermons by Pastor Joel Osteen help us understand that God truly wants to prosper us both physically and spiritually. No matter what is happening in our lives right now, God is able to turn it around to bless us and work the situation to our advantage.

Because of the finished work of Jesus, there is now nothing that stands between us, and God’s unreserved blessings. With our sins cleansed by the Blood of Jesus, we can now stand righteous in the Presence of our Father, and receive His abundant blessings without any inhibitions.

Take some time go through these sermons, allow the messages to marinate in your spirit, such that your faith can spring up and blossom into bountiful fruits in your life.

We hope you will benefit greatly from these sermons, and that the blessings will show evidently in your life.

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Videos | Audios | Devotionals | Downloads | More...

Archived Sermons:

Programmed For Victory
You have been programmed for victory, even before you were born. God wants you to be blessed and successful. Watch this message by Pastor Joel Osteen, and learn to live in the Abundant Life of God.

Having The Right Self Image
Do you have the right self image? God says you are a victor and success, the head and not the tail. Does what you think of yourself agree with what God thinks of you?

Double For Trouble
Double For Trouble: Going through tough times? Things seem to be working against you? This message by Pastor Joel Osteen talks about how God will Bless you doubly for the troubles you went through.

Favor Is Released
Favor is released onto you. God thinks highly of you and blesses you more than you know. Pastor Joel explains how the favor of God can bring you to grounds of abundance you never even knew of.

Trusting God
Trusting God can sometimes be difficult, especially when times are tough. Yet, the Bible says that God is a faithful God, and that no matter what happens, He is working to bless you, and give you the very Best.

Have A Giving Life Style
Having a giving life style is the secret to a happy and blessed life. This message by Pastor Joel gives the right perspective on giving and receiving, and allows you truly live an abundant life.

Living The Abundant Life
Jesus came, that you may have an abundant life. He did not come so that you may live a mediocre, barely-making-it kind of life. He wants you to be so blessed, that it fills you to the overflow.

New Seasons Of Increase
We are entering new seasons of increase. God wants you to be constantly growing, not stagnant. This means that whatever is happening in your life, it is meant to bring you to greater heights.

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