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Sermons By James Mooney:
Pastor: Church Of God
Author: Abundant Life Sermons

Pastor Mooney is an ordained Bishop in the Church Of God. Since 1986 he's been ministering to the body of Christ in hopes of expanding the kingdom of God and reaching out to the lost world.

Through his website (, Pastor Mooney provides hundreds of free sermons and many more sermon manuscripts to help build up the faith of believers and aid other pastors in their service preparations.

With topics ranging from salvation, hope, and joy, to prayers, faith, and values, these messages will help to grow your foundation in Biblical truths and bring you closer to the will of God.

Ready to access these teachings?

Simply visit Abundant Life Sermons by clicking on the link below and browse through the resources provided.

Take some time to read through and explore the site.

We're sure you'll enjoy and benefit greatly from these Sermons By Pastor Mooney.

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