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Hillsong Conference:
By Pastor Joseph Prince

As the keynote speaker in this meeting, Pastor Joseph Prince talks about the true Gospel of grace, and how we should not be so occupied with trying to serve our Lord Jesus, but instead to spend some time in His Presence and give Him a chance to minister to us.

He further explains how much Jesus wishes to give to us – His Love, His Power, His Grace and much, much more.

During the conference, many people were set free by this anointed message, and were able to see Jesus for who He really is for the first time in their lives. Instead of using their own willpower and human strength to try and serve in their ministries, they’ve learnt to draw from the River Of Grace, and eat of the Bread of Life, so that they in turn, will be able to bless others from the abundance of their overflow.

Take some time and watch this sermon and find out how Jesus is truly pleased when you sit at His feet, and allow Him to minister to you.


*Note: Please be patient as the videos may sometimes take up to several minutes to load, depending on the connection speed.

”Hillsong Conference”
By: Pastor Joseph Prince

Loaves And Fishes Movement

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