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These Free Sermons are basically Christian Teachings which contain the secrets of reigning in life. The sermons will help you to overcome every adversity, lack, and destructive habit that is limiting you from experiencing the success, wholeness, and victory that Jesus died to give you.

These sermons are not about what you need to do, or accomplish, but more about what Jesus has done.

They are not about how much you need to love God, but how much God loves you already, such that we can “love because He first loved us”.

These teachings will also give you the correct perspective about giving and receiving, and how God is able to bless you into a position where you too will be a blessing to others.

For those who are more auditory and visual, and prefer to either listen to or watch the sermons instead of reading them, there are also audio and video teachings available. You can access them by clicking on the respective buttons on the navigation bar on the left.

We hope you will gain a deeper understanding, and be blessed by the abundant grace of our Father.

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Featured Sermons:

Lord Jesus Christ
Our Lord Jesus Christ is central to our faith and salvation. All the blessings that we are now enjoying are because of the work He has done. Here’s the complete story of what He did for us.

The Four Aspects Of Jesus
The many aspects of Jesus are just like the facets of a beautiful diamond - all unique, yet all perfect. Take a closer look at the four major aspects and fall in love with Him all over again.

The Finished Work Of Jesus
The finished work of Jesus is the foundation of our faith. It is only through His work and sacrifice that we are able to receive salvation and every other blessing that God has in stored for us.

How The Cross Applies To You
Find out how the Cross applies to you, and makes all the difference in your life. This one act of Jesus saved all mankind, including you, and allows God to truly bless us unreservedly.

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Archived Sermons: (Download Sermon MP3s)

Christian Identity - Our Identity In Christ
This sermon talks about our Christian Identity. When we truly know our identity in Christ, who we are, and what we can do in Him, we will learn to walk in His Authority, Power, and Overcoming Spirit.

Sweet Sacrifice - The Perfect Offering Of Jesus
This issue of Free teachings speaks of how the Work of Jesus is a sweet sacrifice to God, a perfect offering that forever satisfied the requirements of the Lord for us. His finished work as our burnt offering is truly a sweet aroma to God.

The Mind Of Christ - Our Renewed Mind
This issue of Free Sermons talks about how all believers have the mind of Christ. No matter who you are, and how old you are, God says that your mind has been renewed, and this new mind will reflect the characteristics of Christ our Lord.

Jesus Messiah - Our Savior King
Jesus Messiah: He is our Savior King, the King of kings and Lord of Lords. Go through this issue of Free Sermons, and learn what He really means to you, as well as how much God wishes to Bless you through Him!

Resting In Jesus
This issue of Free Sermons talks about the importance of Resting In Jesus. Many a times, we are rushing around, trying to do something for the Lord. Yet at times, the one thing He wants us to do, is simply to rest in Him.

Mountain Moving Faith
The secret to Mountain Moving Faith lies not in the size of your faith, but rather, in the Greatness in the Object of your faith. In this issue of Free Sermons, learn how even the smallest amount of faith in our Great God can create wonders.

Prayer Of Petition
What is a Prayer Of Petition? Basically, it is the kind of prayer that changes things in your life. It is one of the most effective ways to pray and turn seemingly impossible situations around.

Christian Miracles
Our God is a Supernatural God, and He wishes to do extraordinary works in your life. Even as a Man, Jesus did many wondrous works. In this issue of Free Sermons, lear how you too, can receive these, and greater miracles in your life.

Protection Prayers
Protection Prayers are effective means of sheltering both you and your loved ones from the harsh conditions of life today. You are the precious child of God, and He has promised to always shield and protect you.

Effective Prayers
What is the Secret of Effective Prayers? Why do some prayers get answered so quickly, while others never seem to get past the ceiling? Find out how God wants to answer every one of your prayers above and beyond what you can ask or think!

Biblical Prosperity
Biblical Prosperity: God wants to prosper you, above and beyond anything that you thought possible. Let these Free Sermons show you the way to an Abundant Christian Life!

Christian Prayers
Christian Prayers are not only an essential part of Christian Life, it is a means through which God gives us the desires of our hearts. Nothing is too big or too small for God to help us with through the power of prayer.

Christian Perfection
Still think you are an unworthy person? That’s an outright lie by the devil. Find out in this issue of Free Sermons how, through Jesus’ finished work, you are now perfect in the eyes of God.

You Are Redeemed
This issue of Free Sermons focuses on how you are already redeemed from every curse by the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. When He hung on the Cross, He bore all our curses so that we can enjoy all His Blessings.

No More Judgment
This issue of Free Sermons talks about how there is no more judgment for a born again Christian. When a person receives Christ as His savior and Lord, all the judgment of God has already been exhausted in the Body of Jesus.

Superabundant Grace
The Superabundant Grace of God is present in every situation, whether it looks hopeful, or bleak. The question is, whether we will open our eyes of faith, and receive the unmerited favor that God has already given us.

Triumphing Through Adversities
Learning to Triumphing Through Adversities is vital to living a successful life. Go through this issue of Free Sermons, and find out how God wants you to succeed in life. He WILL bring you to victory no matter what problems you may be facing now.

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