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Sermons By EW Kenyon :
Pastor: New Covenant Baptist Church, Bethel Bible Institute
Author: The Two Kinds Of Faith, New Creation Realities, Jesus The Healer

Born in 1867, Essek William Kenyon was a great pastor and evangelist. Best known for hisannointed writings, many of his books are still in high demand today. Kenyon's words help to reveal the glorious truths of the gospel in simple and easy-to-understand terms, allowing his readersto feed on his words more from their hearts, than from their minds.

Speaking to the spirit-man, EW Kenyon's books often work to reveal the heart of our Father God, helpingbelievers to understand who they are in Christ, as well as the authority and power that has been given to us.Calling believers out of traditional unbelief and limitations, Kenyon's writings provide ready access to the treasures and privileges that the Lord has prepared for us through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Near the turn of the century, Kenyon founded the Bethel Bible Institute, where he helped many young peoplelearn the Word of God without any tuition charged or salary. Yet, through prayer and faith, his ministry continuedto flourish and touched many lives by promoting biblical faith in God. He was later joined by many like-minded Bible teachers,who willingly gave up good positions to join him in training young people in the life of faith.

In 1923, EW Kenyon relocated to Southern California, where he continued to preach the finished work of Christ. Withsigns and wonders confirming his words, miracle healings were often common occurrences during his preachings.

When he eventually relocated for a third and last time, he started the New Covenant Baptist Church, as well as the SeattleBible Institute. His radio ministry also received an appreciative audience, all while his publishing works continued to flourish.

The sermons by EW Kenyon collected below aims at providing an introduction to his works, as well as a glimpse into the heartof his words, which focus on new creation realities and the finished work of Christ.

Enjoy, and may God's grace continually be with you.


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Books By E.W. Kenyon:

The Power Of Your Words There's A Miracle In Your Mouth Words That Move Mountains

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