Effective Prayers

~ Praying With Instant Results ~

Effective Prayers

What are effective prayers?

What is the Secret to having you prayers answered?

God promised us in His Word that “ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”. He also said that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can ask a mountain to move into the sea, and it will do exactly as you say!

Why then, do so many prayers appear to be unanswered? Why do some prayers seem like they never even got past the ceiling, let alone reach God?

Well, the fact is that God DOES answer prayers, and ever since you received Jesus, God has already given you everything you need. He is a Benevolent God, and will not withhold any good gift from His children.

In the E-Book titled Praying With Instant Results, you will learn the Secret of an effective prayer, and how God will always answer your prayers, “above and beyond anything you can ever ask or think”.

In addition, it also talks about the importance of faith, what it really is, and how it makes all the difference between effective, answered prayers and just empty words.

The truth is, God has already answered all your prayers! When Jesus hung on the Cross for you, all that you‘ll ever need is provided for you. You simply need to accept Jesus’ finished work, as well as rely on God to supply all your needs. All the Blessings and Miracles God has prepared for you are for you to receive, and you can do so easily and effortlessly when you learn the Secret to Praying With Instant Results.

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Praying With Instant Results

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