Sermons From Destined To Reign

Sermons From Destined To Reign :
Pastor: Joseph Prince
Author: Unmerited Favor, A Life Worth Living

Pastor Joseph Prince from New Creation Church (Singapore) is dedicated to bringing the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus to people all over the world. Through the weekly podcasts, he aims to unveil the love of our Father in a simple and easy to understand manner.

The sermons provided focus on the unconditional love of Jesus, His perfect sacrifice on the Cross, as well as His gift of righteousness to us all. With a desire to bring radical blessings to their audience, Joseph Prince Ministries strives to provide the best resources for all who seek the Lord.

Through listening to the wonderful Gospel preached, many lives have already been dramatically changed for the better. Sins were remitted, condemnation was lifted, bodies were healed, marriages restored, and finances greatly increased. For as the Word goes forth, It produces abundant blessings in the lives of those who receive It.

Our hope is that through the sermons from the Destined To Reign podcast collected below, you too can receive a fresh revelation of God's love for you and how much He wishes to bless you through the finished work of Jesus.

For in Christ, you truly are, Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored, and Deeply Loved.

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