Sermons By David Wilkerson

Sermons By David Wilkerson :
Pastor: Times Square Church, World Challenge
Author: The Cross And The Switchblade, When in Doubt Faith It!

David Wilkerson began his ministry in small towns near Scottsdale and then in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. However, he felt a calling to move to New York City in an effort to provide a ministry to teenage drug addicts as well as teenaged gang members. He became the lead pastor of the Times Square Church, which is a non-denominational church in New York City. Pastor Wilkerson remained leader of the church until his death in 2011.

Pastor Wilkerson focused much of his ministry in reaching out to teens. He was the founder of the nationally known program, Teen Challenge, which provides education and recovery for teenage drug addicts. Additionally, he founded the CURE Corps, which offers a Christian alternative to the Peace Corps. Additionally, Wilkerson is the founder of the ministry called World Challenge, which focuses on providing the gospel to other countries.

David Wilkerson sermons focused on a non-denominational Christian viewpoint. He emphasized that no Christian should be judged by their denomination. Though he published numerous books, Pastor Wilkerson is best known for the best selling “The Cross and the Switchblade”. This book, co authored with John and Elizabeth Sherrill, centers around Pastor Wilkerson’s ministry to urban gangs. The book became so well known that a movie adaptation took place in the 1970s.

Pastor Wilkerson was married to his wife Gwen, and the couple parented four children. Additionally, they had eleven grandchildren. The family spent part of their time in New York City and another part of their time in Texas.

We hope the messages collected below will allow you to relive and experience the wisdom of Pastor Wilkerson's sermons again.

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