Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions:
Readings To Provide Fresh Revelations Of Jesus

Devotionals are one of the best ways to both start and end your day.

In this fast-paced world, many things seem to scream for our attention. Yet, according to Jesus, the most important thing is not to rush about from task to task, but to sit at His feet, and allow Him to minister to us through His word.

Each of these free devotionals is designed to help you do just that. They are filled with new covenant truths, and will establish you firmly in the grace of God.

Come to know the tender heart of the Father, and find out how the finished work of Jesus frees you from all the bondages in life, and causes all blessings to fall upon you.

Read through these devotions slowly and prayerfully. Let each of the sentences marinate in your soul, and bring them with you throughout the day.

They will help you to grow in faith in many practical issues, including salvation, healing, provision, and protection.

Expect to experince the love and grace of God in a new way as you feed on His Word through these devotionals.

As new daily devotions will be constantly added, please re-visit this page whenever you are free, and get a fresh fill of the Words of God.

May you be blessed greatly, and begin to see yourself enjoying wholeness and victorious living!

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P.S. New devotions are added periodically, so please do drop by regularly.

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