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Sermons By Creflo Dollar :
Pastor: World Changers Church
Author: In The Presence Of God, The Successful Family

Creflo Dollar
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Changing Your World (Video Sermons by Pastor Creflo)

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Winning In Troubled Times | Claim Your Victory Today | 8 Steps To Create The Life You Want

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Live Without Fear In The Presence Of God Walking In The Confidence Of God

Firmly rooted in the Word of God, Pastor Creflo is an avid believer that a clear and precise understanding of the Bible is key to a life of all-rounded prosperity. Whether it is finances, health, relationships, or spiritual growth, the people at Creflo Dollar Ministries are commited to the using of the Word of God in changing people's lives for the better.

As the senior pastor of the World Changers Church, Pastor Creflo is often recognized for his humorous style and pragmatic preaching. More importantly, Pastor Dollar's sermons focus on simple biblical principles that when properly applied, can dramatically change our lives. Theses relvelation packed messages have helped thousands upon thousands experience restoration, achieve breakthroughs, and receive healing in all areas of their lives.

In the sermons collected below, Pastor Creflo teaches the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. Aiming to reveal God's love and His promises to us in an uncompromising way, these sermons clearly depict how God desires to abundantly bless us to the point of overflowing.

Take some time and listen to the sermons provided and allow God to reveal to you His deep love for you. May the blessings and promises be evident in your life and the lives of those around you.


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