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Corrinne May – Beautiful Seed

Corrinne May – Beautiful Seed:

The characteristics of Corrinne’s songs, are the life-affirming lyrics, beautiful music, accompanied by her soothing voice. The album ”Beautiful Seed” is the fruit of a one and a half year songwriting effort. The main aim of the this album is to bring faith, hope, and joy to all who listens to it, and it is achieved through Corrinne’s unprecedented openness in sharing her faith through her music.

After undergoing a minor heart operation in 2007, Corrinne underwent a spiritual awakening during her one-month recovery period, causing her to be more aware of God’s hand in her life. This moved her to write about the deeper issues of life in her songs, and allowed her to touch on subjects which she was apprehensive in covering during the earlier part of her life.

The result of this awakening is the album ”Beautiful Seed”, an album that sows songs of hope in the hearts of listeners. Through her soothing voice of faith, her songs subtly but surely beckons us to have a closer relationship with Christ our Lord.

In fact the song “Five Loaves And Two Fishes” that is also recorded in the ”Beautiful Seed” album, has been a continual motivation and inspiration for our Ministry, and is also the theme song of our site.

Embedded below is the online version of the “Beautiful Seed” album, together with other songs that have touched our hearts.

We hope it will be as much of a blessing to you as it has been to us.

If you enjoyed listening to these songs, please do show your support by purchasing the album.

For more information on Corrinne May, please visit her official website:

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