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We Have Been Blessed To Be A Blessing

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Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,

Let me ask you a personal question: Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe that God can turn a little seed that you sow into abundant blessings for you, as well as millions of children around the world?

Well, I do, because I've seen the Love of God in action in the lives of thousands upon thousands of children through the work of Compassion International...

*Did you know?: Approximately one child is dying every 7 seconds from hunger related causes. This means that more than 20 children will have died by the time you finish reading this page.

Dear friend, poverty is a curse, a plague from the devil that is robbing away millions of lives every year before they even had the chance to know Jesus. But you can make a difference! You can be their source of hope. And The very fact that you are reading this means that you have the power to offer them a chance to know Jesus, allowing them to live the abundant life He died to give.

While many secular charity organizations are doing a good job of providing relief resources to areas of need, the people at Compassion International know, and deeply believe, that Jesus is the true answer to poverty. It is through knowing Jesus, and the complete work He has done for us, that poverty can truly be eradicated from the lives of these precious children of God.

Therefore, on top of providing essential resources and education, it has always been the top priority of Compassion International to keep Jesus at the center of their work.

It is with this revelation, that we urge you, if God so leads you, to help us make a difference in these children's lives.

There are many ways that you can help, some of which can be completed in the next few minutes:

1) Share this message with as many of your friends as possible

This must be one of the easiest way to help. Simply by helping to spread the word, you'll be raising the awareness to this great need around us. Many a times, we become so caught up in our lives that we've become conveniently ignorant of the greater need that surrounds us.

But you can help to change this!

Simply click on the "Share This" button below and share this page with as many of your friends as possible. Alternatively, you can also use your own e-mail provider, blog posts, website links, word-of-mouth, or any other spam-free and legal methods to share this page with others.

In addition, if you have a FaceBook account, you can also publish a post or comment about this page on your profile and your friends' home pages by clicking on the "Post To FaceBook" button below.

The greatest challenge of charities like Compassion International has always been a lack of action, and not a lack of willingness. Many people have the compassion to help, but few of them actually take any real action. By sharing this page with your friends however, you are helping to motivate them, and provide them with the chance to take the solid steps which will allow them to become great blessings to thousands of children in need.

2) Make a donation of any amount

Even though the reach of Compassion International continues to expand over the years, there is still an outrageous number of people that have yet to be touched by the Grace of God. I say "outrageous" because none of these people were supposed to die young, especially not without even knowing Jesus. The devil has robbed millions of lives everyday through his lies and deceit, but with your help, we CAN put all these to a stop.

Remember, when you make a donation, not only will you be helping to release God's children from the grips of poverty, more importantly, you'll also be giving them a chance to receive the eternal and abundant life through knowing our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, if you are able to afford it, please make a donation to Compassion International by clicking on the "Donate" button below.

Donate To Compassion International

*Note: All donations are processed directly by Compassion International. For more details on how these funds are used, please click here. (Compassion International also received the four-star rating, the highest possible, from Charity Navigator.)

As a token of appreciation for your help, we'd like you to have a free e-book titled: "This Same Jesus".

This compact e-book talks about how the heart of Jesus is the same today, as it was when He walked the earth. Read through it to find out how much He wishes for the super abundant grace of God to flow in your life, and the lives of all these children you are helping.

3) Sponsor a child with Compassion International

If you wish to be even more involved, and are able to make the commitment, please consider sponsoring a child.

When you sponsor a child, you are not only supporting him/her financially. You are becoming a personal blessing to these wonderful children by giving them the love and concern that they have longed for. On top of monetary support, you can also write letters and send gifts to your sponsored child, in effect becoming a major part of his/her life. In fact, sponsoring a child may be as life changing an experience to you, as it is to the child you are helping.

Lastly, please remember to keep us in your prayers. Help us by praying for the success of both Loaves and Fishes Ministries as well as Compassion International. Pray that the work we do, and the help you give, will multiply in the hands of God to become exceeding blessings in the lives of those we are touching. And finally, pray that through our combined efforts, more and more people will come to know our loving Jesus and be set free from the bondage that the devil has set upon them.

With that, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this far. It is through the help of people like you that we are able to do what we do, and help bring Jesus to those who need Him. Not only are you making a difference in the lives of these children today, you are changing their eternal destiny by helping to bring them into the house of God.

And for that, we thank you!


-Sean Chang
Loaves And Fishes Ministries

P.S. Since you started reading this page, more than 20 children have died from hunger related causes. Inaction is the #1 challenge that every charity face, and unfortunately, Compassion International is no different.

But you can be different! Simply by following the simple steps above, you can help make a difference in the lives of millions of children, and help expand the Kingdom of God.

P.P.S. Apart from the steps mentioned above, there are many other ways you can help. Please visit Compassion International to find out more.

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