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Easily Access Hundreds Of Free Christian Resources Directly From Your Browser!

Looking for a toolbar that can provide you with free Christian resources while at the same time cater to your other web-surfing needs?

The Loaves And Fishes Toolbar is just that.

Sermons and Devotionals:

With access to hundreds of sermons and devotionals by various ministries including Joseph Prince Ministries, Joel Osteen Ministries, Joyce Meyer Ministries, and many others, you'll always have annointed messages to bless you with at just a mouse-click away. Available in video, audio, and written formats, you can make use of these resources in whichever way you want.

Want to watch a full video sermon? No problem. Simply click on the "Video" button to access the latest video sermons available on our site.

Want to listen to audio messages while you surf the web instead? Well then click on the "Radio" button, or simply select messages by a specific Pastor which you wish to listen to.

Even if you are hard pressed for time, you can still access the free devotionals on the Christian Toolbar to both start and end your day with a dose of God's Word.

Christian Radio and TV:

In addition to the resources already mentioned above, by downloading the free Christian Toolbar, you'll also be given access to dozens of Christian TV and Radio stations which you can tune in directly from the toolbar. With TV networks ranging from God TV, Daystar TV, Trinity Broadcasting Network, to radio stations like Praise FM, Moody radio, CrossWalk radio, and many others, there'll always be something on that can suit your taste and bless your life.

And that's not all!

Downloadable Resources:

By downloading this free toolbar, you'll also be given access to our very own download area, within which you can find hundreds of resources by various ministries, including those by Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Beth Moore, Max Lucado, and many more. In addition, you'll also be able to access the "User-Shared Resources" area where you can access and download hundreds of Christian resources shared by users like yourself.

Gospel Delights - Free Christian Social Network:

Wish to interact more with other users or share your insights and revelations? With the Free Christian Toolbar, you can do so easily, with just a click of the mouse. Simply select the section you wish to access, or the kind of material you wish to share, and you are all set to share your thoughts with thousands of other members on our network. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also post them in our forums and get advice from other users.


In fact, by downloading this free Christian Toolbar, you can even incorporate charity into your daily web surfing. Simply click on the "Charity" button and you'll be able to access sites where you can help people in need just by clicking a few buttons, or playing a simple game - all while waiting for your other sites to load, making the most out of your waiting time.

Free and Easy:

Best of all, the Christian Toolbar is completely free to download and installs easily in seconds.

Our only request is that if you find it useful to you, please help us to bless more people by sharing it with others who might benefit from it. You can do so easily by using the "Share" button on the toolbar, the "tell-a-friend" button below, or simply by referring others to our site.

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With that, we'd like to leave you to download and explore the free Christian Toolbar. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you so that we can continue improving the toolbar, and provide a more enjoyable and beneficial experience for all our users.

Be Greatly Blessed!

The Loaves And Fishes Toolbar

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*Tip: You can hide unwanted/unused toolbars by right-clicking on them and unchecking the respective selections.

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