Christian Stories

Christian Stories:
Biblical Adventures To Help Grow Your Faith

Bible Stories are great for both children and adults to learn Biblical Truths together. Even though they are simple enough for kids to understand and enjoy, they also contain many nuggets of wisdom that will bless even the most mature readers.

Jesus Himself often taught in parables – symbolic stories filled with God’s truths. His Words often left His audience marveling, and caused the self-righteous and religious people puzzled at the source of His wisdom.

The life story of Joseph, the love story of Ruth, the parable of the prodigal son, and many other Bible stories are all more than just a good read; they help us to understand the heart of our Father God.

Furthermore, some of the stories are reflections of the work of our Lord Jesus (e.g. Boaz in the story of Ruth is a picture of Jesus as our redeemer). Other stories show us directly what the will of God is for our lives (e.g. it is ALWAYS God's will to heal you; Jesus healed EVERYONE who came to him).

Therefore, through each of the Biblical Stories presented here, we hope to help you enjoy God’s Words in the simplest way possible, all while drawing from the vast resource of Wisdom within these stories.

You can read them as part of your quiet time, browse through them whenever you are free, or even share them with your children before bedtime. Most importantly, remember to seek the Presence and Wisdom of God, and allow Him to touch you with His Love and Grace through these Christian Stories.

So Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy!

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P.S. A new story will be posted daily, so please do drop by regularly.

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