Christian Prayers

Christian Prayers:
By Pastor Joseph Prince

Christian Prayers

There are many misconceptions about prayer.

Some think they have to pray long and hard before God can answer them, that they have to groan and moan so that God can hear them.

This cannot be further from the Truth.

The truth is, the answers to our prayers have already been given to us through Jesus’ finished work. It is called a finished and completed work because that is exactly what it is, finished and completed.

We do not go to prayer in hopes of gaining something through our efforts. God says He has already given to us all the answers through Jesus. When we pray in doubt and try and earn the blessings of God, it is an insult to God’s character and Jesus’ work. It is as if God needs our help in order for Him to do something right in our lives.

So what then is true Prayer? Well, in short, it is a prayer of Faith.

Faith is simply knowing God for who He really is. It is through the knowledge of God’s faithfulness that we gain true faith, and it is through this faith that we pray effective prayers.

In this audio sermon on Christian Prayers, Pastor Joseph Prince debunks several myths about what prayer is, and shows you how you too can pray powerful prayers, such that God answers you above and beyond anything that you can ask or think!

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