Christian Music

Christian Music:
Songs Of Worship And Praise

Music can soothe our soul, and refresh our spirit. But more importantly, music can also be an expression of our Love for our creator and King.

When David played the harp, it soothed the tempest in Saul’s mind. Our prayer is that the music provided here will also provide an oasis of refreshing, love, and peace to you.

The songs selected in this section are all Jesus-centered, and are aimed at helping you receive a fresh revelation of the immeasurable Grace of our Lord and Savior. As you listen to these songs, you’ll be brought into a time of intimate worship, and be reminded of God’s eternal Love for you, and His desire for you to have a truly blessed life.

Spend some time to worship in the Presence of our Lord, and allow your heart to overflow with thankfulness and Love for our Savior, Christ Jesus.

May you grow more and more conscious of God’s everlasting Love for you, and allow Him to surround with His Presence and Glory.

Loaves And Fishes Movement

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