Christian Identity

~ Our Identity In Christ ~

Christian Identity

Christian Identity – Our Identity In Christ:

Luke 13:11

11And behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up.

The woman spoken of in Luke 13 was constantly bowed over, with no way of raising herself up. Can you imagine living like that for a year? How about eighteen?

Yet, this is exactly what this poor woman went through. All the time, no matter where she went, all she could see was the dust of the ground. So much so, that she never expected to see anything else, not to mention anything beautiful. That is, until one day, she finally saw the beautiful feet of Jesus. It was then that she received the Good News, and was raised up from that instant on.

God’s Word says that dust is the food of the devil for he has been cursed to eat the dust of the ground all the days of his life (Genesis 3:14). Dust represents death (Genesis 3:19), and the devil wants you to be just like him. He wants you to fall over, crawl around, and eat of the dust (death) together with him. He wants you to feed on your faults, your wrongdoings, your shortcomings, and make you so conscious of your problems that it literally bends you over, maybe not physically, but mentally and spiritually. And when you keep focusing on the ‘dust’, you are in effect identifying with the devil.

However, that is not our true Christian Identity. As a matter of fact, God has already raised us up through Jesus’ work. Like the woman who was bent over, we no longer have to keep looking at the dust, as if it was our only destiny. When we learn to be aware of our true identity in Christ – the perfect, blameless standing that we have in Him, we are no longer bounded by the death and hopelessness that belongs to the devil.

Therefore, do not be misled by the devil. Learn of your true Christian identity and do not give him a chance to devour you. Stop looking at the dust – all your past failures and defeat, and look to Jesus instead, the One that has already won all your battles, and brought you to victory ground. See yourself now, as God sees you, righteous and holy in Christ (Colossians 3:12, 2 Corinthians 5:21). Remember, you are not dust, for you are no longer in and of the flesh - you are in and of the Spirit (Romans 8:9).

Dear friend, when you learn to see your true Christian identity and who you are in Christ, you will begin to raise and straighten up, and walk in a way that’s pleasing in the eyes of God. You will then begin to see yourself as God sees you - a new creation with His authority, power and overcoming Spirit!

That is your true Christian Identity!

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