Cheap Grace

Cheap Grace:

Some people have accused Christian salvation of being “too easy” and “cheap”. Yet, what they do not understand is that it is not “cheap” – it is FREE! But just because it is a free gift for us does not mean that it did not come at a price. In fact, the price of our salvation is the highest and greatest in all of Heaven and Earth – our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is only because of the great sacrifice Jesus has made, that we can so easily receive our salvation. This is because the price of salvation is so great that there is no way we can ever pay it off by ourselves. That is why the only way we can ever be saved is through God’s abundant grace, the grace that gave up His only, and most beloved Son in order to redeem us back into His family, so that we too, can call Him our Father.

In this message, Pastor Joseph Prince clearly explains about the issues of Grace and Salvation, such that we can have a firm foundation of faith that is built upon the finished work of our Lord Jesus, one that will never be shaken.

Listen to the "Cheap Grace" sermong, and find out God has paid the ultimate price in order to bring you the free gift of salvation.

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