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Sermons By Charles Stanley :
Pastor: In Touch Ministries, First Baptist Church
Author: The Gift Of Forgiveness, Finding Peace, Eternal Security

As the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, as well as the founder of In Touch Ministries, Dr. Charles F. Stanley touched the lives of thousands of people by revealing to them a God who's longing to fellowship with them. His ministry foucuses on the needs of people and provide practical biblical truths to help them acheive victory in their every day lives.

Ever since childhood, Dr. Charles has had first-hand experience of God's constant support in his life. This is especially true during difficult times such has the passing away of his father. With the godly guidance from his mother and grandfather,Dr. Charles continued to grow in his relationship with God. Fast forward to today, his broadcast program, "In Touch With Dr. Charles stanley" is now reaching thousands of people everyday with the Word of God.

Sermons by Dr. Charles often deal with practical issues such as relationships, finance, emotions, and spiritual growth. His messages focus strongly on God, and stresses the importance of prayer, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, as well as the centrality of Jesus Christ. Believing fervently in the inerrant Word of God, his sermons are always based strictly on the Bible, and help to provide a clear and precise understanding of God's Word.

Listed below is a collection of Dr. Charles Stanley's sermon broadcasts. Take some time to listen to them, and allow the Word of God to take root in your heart, thereby producing holy fruits and abundant harvests in your life.


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Charles Stanley Sermons
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Books By Charles F. Stanley:

The Gift Of Forgiveness Finding Peace Eternal Security

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