Sermons By Brian Houston

Sermons By Brian Houston :
Pastor: Hillsong Church
Author: How To Live A Blessed Life, How To Flourish In Life

Being the pastors of the Hillsong Church, Brian and his wife Bobbie Houston have led and grown their church from a congregation of just 45 members back in 1983, to a vibrant and dynamic church that is said to be the largest in Australian history. With a current attendance of 20,000, Hillsong is now a church that influences and impacts people's lives, not just in Australia, but all over the world as well.

With more than 30 years of leadership and ministry experience, Pastor Brian Houston is deeply passionate about the Cause of Christ. His desire is that people all over the world can come to know Jesus, and grow in their relationship with Him. Pastor Brian's commitment to his passion, as well as his ability to present the timeless gospel of Christ in a relevant way has helped millions around the world make positive changes to their lives. At the same time, he also teaches on the practical issues of life, helping to increase his audience's personal effectiveness and allowing them to reach beyond themselves and bless others.

With this same focus in mind, the sermons by Pastor Brian Houston collected below are meant to provide fresh revelation on how God desires to work in our lives. With new sermons added regularly, there'll always be something new to bless and inspire you into living the abundant life of Christ.

Go ahead, take some time to watch this sermons, and allow our Father to work miracles both within you, and around you.


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