Sermons By Billy Graham

Sermons By Billy Graham :
Pastor: BGEA, The Cove, School Of Evangelism
Author: Peace With God, The Jesus Generation, The Holy Spirit

William (Billy) F. Graham is a renowned Christian evangelist who helped millions around the world accept Jesus throughout his decades in ministry. Committed to helping people develop their personal relationships with God, Pastor Graham devoted his life to sharing the Gospel of Christ.

Throughout his life, Pastor Graham held numerous crusades all over the globe, extending the Grace of God to overflowing crowds. Many came to know Christ through Pastor Billy's messages and have themselves become strong advocates for the Gospel.

Apart from live crusades, evangelist Graham also used other media channels to further expand the reach of his sermons. His weekly radio program, "Hour of Decision", was aired on Sundays around the world for a period of fifty years, helping to bring many more to Christ.

With books like "Peace with God", "The Jesus Generation", "World Aflame", and "How To Be Born Again", Pastor Billy's words continue to bless their readers by helping them grow closer to God and understand their purposes in life. Many of his books became bestsellers, with millions of copies circulating in countries all over the world, blessing many and bringing them to a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

During their decades in ministry, Pastor Graham and his team have been blessed with practical and effective strategies for evangelism, and through ministries like the Billy Graham Evangelism Association (BGEA), as well the School of Evangelism, they continue to help expand the Kingdom of God and equip others to do the same.

Through the sermons by Pastor Billy collected below, we hope that you too will be blessed by the timeless truths contained within and absorb the wisdom of one of the most prominent figures in modern Christianity. May you benefit greatly from these messages and allow your faith to be strengthened by them. Enjoy!

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