The Benefits Of Tithing

~ The Secret To Biblical Prosperity ~

The Benefits Of Tithing:
By Pastor Joseph Prince

Just what is tithing?

Is it simply “sacrificing” a tenth of your income so that somebody else in the Church gets rich? Or is it merely a “donation” to a charitable cause?

Well, according to God’s Word, it is definitely not.

Tithing is actually a means of sanctifying all that you have, whether it is your money, time, or talents. It is entering into a partnership with God, and allowing Him to bless you beyond measure. It is a way of trusting God, and thereby allowing Him to work miracles in your life.

In this message, Pastor Joseph Prince explains the concept of tithing, and how it might just be the missing key you need to open up the doors of abundance.

So listen on, get the correct perspective on tithing, and allow God to truly prosper your life!

”Benefits Of Tithing”
By: Pastor Joseph Prince

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