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Sermons By Andy Stanley :
Pastor: North Point Ministries, North Point Community Church
Author: The Principle Of The Path, Visioneering, Louder Than Words

When Pastor Andy started North Point Community Church back in 1995, he did not intend for it to be just another church, but instead to provide a safe environment for people who've not heard of the Gospel to learn about Jesus Christ, and the life-changing work that He has done for us.

Fast-forward to today, Pastor Andy is now preaching to over 20,000 members, with an objective of leading them into a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His focus has always been on producing life-changing improvements instead of simply seeking growth in numbers, and this can clearing be seen from his preaching.

Therefore, Pastor Stanley often talks about practical issues like family life, responsibility, prayer, and leadership in his messages. He bases his sermons firmly on the Word of God, and hopes that through it, we can all mature and conform to the image of Christ.

By trusting in the finished work of Jesus, Pastor Andy Stanley hopes to help believers grow closer to our Father, while at the same time glorify God by loving Him and making Him known to the lost world.


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