Sermons By Andrew Wommack

Sermons By Andrew Wommack
Pastor: Gospel Truths, Charis Bible College
Author: The Believer's Authority, You've Already Got It!

Over forty years ago, an encounter with God changed the lives of Andrew, and his wife Jamie Wommack. Ever since then, they have dedicated their lives to teaching the Truths of the Gospel to the body of Christ.

These free sermons by Pastor Andrew focus on revealing the unconditional Love of God, as well as understanding the importance of Grace and Faith.

An important message by Pastor Wommack is that Salvation is much more than just being saved from hell. Yes, that is indeed important, but the scope and completeness of Jesus’ work extends far beyond just that.

A lot of Christians might be missing the point if they are simply coming to Jesus out of a fear of hell, instead of drawing to Him to enjoy a Living relationship with our God and Savior.

God wants to walk and talk with you. Ever since the Garden of Eden, it has been God’s desire to have you live in His Presence, and allow Him to shower His Blessings on you.

So go ahead and enjoy the Sermons by Pastor Andrew Wommack, and allow them to show you the Greatness, Splendor, Power, Grace, and Love of our Almighty, yet All Loving God.

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  • How To Receive A Miracle 1
  • How To Receive A Miracle 2
  • How To Receive A Miracle 3
  • Blessings And Miracles 1
  • Blessings And Miracles 2
  • Blessings And Miracles 3
  • Blessings And Miracles 4

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    Books By Andrew Wommack:

    Everyday With Jesus: 365 Insights for Encouragement, Spiritual Growth, and Personal Victory The Believer's Authority Grace, The Power of the Gospel: It's Not What You Do, But What Jesus Did

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