Living The Abundant Life

Sermons By Adrian Rogers :
Pastor: Bellevue Baptist Church, Love Worth Finding Ministry
Author: Standing for Light and Truth, The Power of His Presence

Born and raised in Florida, Adrian Rogers became a part of a Christian ministry at an early age, making the decision that he was called to pastorship at the age of 19. He received a degree at Stetson University and he began his ministry at the Northwood Baptist Church, which is located in West Palm Beach. Eventually, Pastor Rogers moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where he became the lead pastor for the Bellevue Baptist Church.

Pastor Rogers was elected to the Presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1970s and continued a lifelong career in this position. Pastor Rogers continued his career as minister, President and speaker for a syndicated radio show until he passed away in 2005. Pastor Rogers’ family continues his ministry, which is headed by his widow, Joyce and his two sons.

Pastor Rogers began a radio program called Love Worth Finding. During his time with this show, it became internationally syndicated, broadcast in both Spanish and English. The radio program continues to this day under the charge of Joyce Rogers.

Relieve the the sermons of Pastor Adrian as you listen in to the messages collected. May you benefit greatly from these teachings.

Be Greatly Blessed!

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Adrian Rogers Sermons
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